A unique lecture, titled, ‘Alternative presents and speculative futures’ was recently held at MCCIA, Pune. It was conducted by James Auger (Royal College of Art, UK) and Jimmy Loizeau (Goldsmiths College, UK), who demonstrated their creation: carnivorous robots in the context of consumers and users of technology.

The DYPDC Communications team was there to have a chat about design and technology.

Their main aim, through such lectures, is to create products that evolve from their technological research and development and become a part of our domestic lives. For the purposes of this project the product/technology to be investigated is robots, exploring the roles they may play in mediating, modifying, controlling and augmenting our existence, both today and in the future.

“Through the development and dissemination of speculative and critical products and services we hope to instigate a broader analysis of what it means to exist in a technology rich environment both today and in the near future.” –James and Jimmy.

At MCCIA, they demonstrated ‘Flypaper combined with Robotic clock’

To learn more about James and Jimmy, kindly visit – http://www.auger-loizeau.com/


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