If you think, breathe and talk cars, and can’t think of doing anything else than designing cars and bikes all your life, then you should pursue automotive design at DYPDC. Here are 12 reasons why joining DYPDC is such a good idea:

1. Dilip Chhabria, your Chief Mentor, will inspire you to bring distinctness to your art, who will guide you, help you find your voice as a designer.

2. Focus – DYPDC College is completely focused on Automobile design education.

3. Instructional facilities that inspire ideas and breed creativity

4. Faculty that open a world of possibilities for you.

5. International visiting faculty that bring years of experience, who will make you question, discover, explore, and express yourself, and push you to new limits you never thought were possible.

6. A curriculum that is flexible, stimulates interest and develops knowledge, skills and understanding of automotive design.

7. Preparation for a life of continuous growth and learning.

8. A range of teaching and learning methods

9. Our deep-rooted partnership with the industry will help us source design projects, internships and placements.

10. International exposure through exchange programs and study tours

11. A stimulating, dynamic student life for a great college experience.

12. Students build an actual car at the end of their program. No other design school has this unique feature.


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