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Recently, there have been claims that some of the entries for the PMV contest are copies of existing designs. The faculty or Jury of DYPDC can’t be blamed for this, purely because there are a million concepts for new cars being produced almost every day, and it becomes extremely hard to keep a track. They tried their best to pick original designs and have done a great job.

Sumedh Bansode’s design is still the winning entry and is NOT AT ALL a Copy. It’s a ‘wheel’ concept and it ought to be round. You can’t have a square wheel. (Now this design that was claimed to be a copy of — (( AND this one by some other designer (( ARE THESE COPIES OF EACH OTHER??

So think before you blindly blame each other of plagiarism. Look at Sumedh’s design in its entirety.

The second claim: Cleft is a copy of Pixy….AGAIN…Not True. Now this design ((…is this a copy of Pixy too? or is it the other way round? What about this one by Honda? (( Is this a copy as well?

Cleft is, maybe, loosely inspired, is all. Otherwise it’s an original design by Vruttant Pathak. His entry stays in the competition too.

The other claim was regarding the wearable motorcycle (saying its a copy of
Yamaha Deus Ex) — idea wise maybe, but the thought that has gone into it, the design, is original.

At the end of the day you can always similar elements in vehicles. And that’s how it will continue to be. That DOESN’T MAKE THEM A COPY of each other.

So stop going around making all these false allegations. Except Avik Ghosh’s plagiarized entry, all the other designs remain in our honorable mentions list.


Winning Designs

Posted: August 26, 2010 in PMV Contest, Uncategorized

Given below are some of the shortlisted designs, plus the winning entry from Sumedh. Please remember these are only a few from the 30 we shortlisted.