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1. ) In my view the best way to reduce pollution will be to better plan the city space. While designing the city, the different areas can be classified as layouts which are meant for a specific purpose such as Entertainment arena, IT arena, Business arena and from the Residence layouts provide public transport to these areas at specific times. Moreover people should be encouraged to use public transport. There should be neighbourhood stores as well for easy access of emergency items.

Name: Govind M Warrier


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2. )

  • We can use the car-pooling method to reduce traffic congestion.
  • Maximum use of public transports (bus,metro rail,local trains etc.) may pull off pressure from roads.
  • Installation of cng kits in vehicle may help in pollution control.
  • Focus should be laid on use of green fuel and vehicles embedded with hybrid technology.
  • Traffic rules should be revised properly and strict action should be taken for violation of rules. Elevated car parking system should be installed in commercial buildings.

Name:Rahul Shubham


Phone No: +919611238990


  1. Install Intelligent Traffic System which changes signal time based on traffic density in major signals.
  2. No parking on roads, compulsory multilevel parking facility in all areas to reduce parking problem.
  3. Use service road for fire brigades, ambulances, police etc.
  4. Compulsory emission testing certificate valid within 1 year.
  5. Force people to follow the lane rules and make free left everywhere.
  6. Divide city into 3 limits –  a) no vehicles b) only 2wheelers and cars c) heavy vehicles.

Name: Shreyas K N


Phone No: +919663395635

4.) Traffic Congestion has been increasing day by day in most of the cities due to avoidable/unavoidable factors. In fact, it is created by both people and natural forces. As a citizen, I strongly feel that it can be eased easily by taking simple, yet important steps which would lead our place traffic-free….

  • Following Traffic Signal Rules should be made mandatory to all the people. Fine people who do not follow traffic signal rules.
  • Vehicles should cross the road, only when there’s a GREEN signal. Strictly catch hold of the vehicles crossing the road at the wrong signal and fine them.
  • One should not block the other side of the road while waiting for the green signal. Always keep left, thus avoiding traffic jam and allowing other vehicles to pass by on the right side of the road.
  • All the Traffic Signal posts should work till midnight. ‘ No’ to manual traffic guidance by traffic policemen, because not all of them follow uniform time slots. This leads to an increase in the waiting time at the signals.
  • Waiting time of the Traffic Signal should be made to 1 minute all over. In some places, it exceeds beyond 1 minute and this causes irritation, and unnecessary vehicle pile up!!
  • Government Bus authorities and the Private Bus authorities, have to brief the policy of following traffic signal rules to all its employees. Note: These days, I find buses stopping in the middle of the road where there are no “BUS STOPs”. Most  of the times, if there is a traffic congestion, then you know that there’s some BUS in the middle of the road either dropping off the passengers or picking up the passengers!!!
  • Another major concern is, on all the vehicles parked at the side of the roads, thus blocking half the side of the roadways!! Two-way roads are built to allow two huge vehicles to pass by… But this way… only one vehicle can move… Vehicles should not be allowed to be parked on the road.
  • Road dividers would be appropriate!
  • Buses, Lorries and other big vehicles should not be allowed on small roads.
  • Please do not chop down the trees to widen the roads. This does lead to global warming!!
  • Road construction has to be planned with the thought and idea of the future in mind. Do not build a smaller road and then extend it after so many years.
  • While constructing roads, please plan about the drainage pipes, pits, and other underground works. Constructing a new road, and then digging it up after few months to fix any kind of underground works is not welcoming. This leads to so many road accidents. Not all the streets have lights/lamps. Public are put to unavoidable accidents. Example Vehicles getting caught in the pits/ big potholes. Humans/Animals get hurt either with serious or minor injuries by slipping/falling into the open pits.
  • Roads has to be smooth and properly built, so that the surface does not get affected when it rains. Thus would avoid Pits and Potholes.
  • During rainy season, it tends to rain more in the evenings. So, street Lights and Traffic signals should work properly especially at this time, as evenings are dark and one can only see through the road clearly with light!!
  • In case there are any potholes on the roads, it should be attended immediately. The road has to be fixed without any delay.
  • Bangalore probably has more speed breakers than any other city in the world. Speed breakers are to be scientifically planned constructed rather than having them one in every 50 meters. This leads to several problems including severe back related issues to the motor cycle riders. Do not build speed breakers just for the sake of building it.
  • Government has to care about their city, and do all the necessities to keep and maintain the city clean and tidy….


Hope that my point of view would be a small level of contribution to Ease and Reduce Traffic Congestion in my City…. This is what I can do and think others can support in doing it too!!! Thanks!

Nithyanandhini Manoharan

Phone: +919686658347


  • Avoid using vehicles when u need to travel to short distances, walk the distance -its good for health.
  • People say car pooling n it was carried out only for few days…the IDEA need to be implemented for a longer time then only we can see the difference
  • Use digital signal boards to show which road has traffic congestion so tat people can use alternative roads to get to their respective places.
  • The government has introduced wide range of ac/non-ac buses for the convenience of the public

Name: Sagar

Phone No: +919743478397