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Here are the shortlisted entries from Hyderabad. Choose your favorite and help them win.

1. A turntable can be implemented at the junctions exclusively for the heavy vehicles such as a lorry/bus etc. This can reduce the time and the space required by the vehicle to complete the turn very effectively. Since it operates electronically, it can be powered by solar panels also. Sensors are arranged to detect the presence of heavy vehicles and stop other miscreants from causing accidents.

Name: Bharath Kishore B V


Phone No: +917569204800

2. A) We must highlight the traffic and environmental issues to the central govt through media by show casing common problems of people in the city. B) Requirement of Multi-Modal Public Transport System. C) Effective system needs to be implemented to stop encroachments on footpaths, roads and signals. D) Licence needs to be issued only to the commercial complex, malls etc if they provide adequate facility for parking. E) Privatising of entire system will be a boon to the country.

Name: Param Jeet Singh


Phone No: +919885609308

3. We can do the following

(A) Car Pooling must be encouraged.

(B)Following ODD & EVENS (i.e. Vehicles ending with odd numbers should be on streets on a particular day of the week and evens on particular days).

(C)People must realize that being in a hurry would only cause delay (this surely requires awareness programs)

(D) People have to be cooperative with traffic personnels, and traffic personnels must be available for regulating traffic not at the nearby tea stalls.

Name: Alahari Raja


Phone No: 07702758875

4. When there’s traffic congestion, there is a lot of stress on the particular road/ junction. There are also substantial vibrations caused by many revving engines. These stresses and vibrations can be humbly harnessed with the use of piezo-electric strips or slabs planted in the road/ path. These materials will then be able to generate electrical or voltage impulses which can be harnessed and stored or used. for e.g. for traffic lighting, lamps or signals etc. This saves Рpower, roads and life.

A high % of traffic jams are caused by accidents. The first vehicle that reaches an accident is an ambulance. If ambulances were equipped with portable roads like hexadeck/ portable bridges, they can be built over the failed/ accident car immediately which would free the jam behind while the truck to pick-up the damaged car arrives. The ambulance can later collect the portable bridge. The same logic can be applied to road maintenance works, manhole overflows etc. but with Municipal trucks

Small exits or sub-routes can be constructed through buildings/ complexes/ cellars on either side of roads which can allow 2-way traffic for 2-wheelers (only). These must be opened only for traffic jams. This way all the 2-wheeler traffic on a congested road will be able to clear to another parallel road on the other side of the complex or elsewhere. These lean lanes can be interconnected through buildings to a whole new location too. Hence 2 wheeler traffic is relieved first and others later.

Industries in a particular area should have a staggered timing or schedule, for e.g. all schools in a particular area should not start at the same time. This will avoid a sudden rush or traffic congestion. A similar fundamental must be applied to all industries at various locations so that the 24hour clock is fluently utilized wherever possible. In inevitable cases this can be avoided. At least government organizations can help a lot in avoiding traffic jams by implementing this staggered schedule

Name: Aditya P R S


Phone No: +919701711003

5. I propose magnetic repulsion to be installed in vehicles to prevent crashes. We will fit electromagnetic equipment controlled by sensors and power supply; both ends of the vehicle become a common magnetic pole. Then vehicles will repel if near to each other. By doing this we can prevent the accidents. I have already filed for patents looking for R&D support.

Name: Subba Rao Ithadi


Phone No: +919700846276