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1.) Cars must be designed so that they can move in all four directions. They should be mechanised in a manner that they take 360 degree turns too! Cars should also have a communication programme installed in them. In case of traffic, the cars can automatically talk to each other and guide each other the best possible way to get out of the congestion. In case there is no space for a car to move, the car may automatically shut itself down and save power and give way to the next car so that traffic does not stop

Name: Aparajit Shastri



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2.) Brako accelerater – In heavy traffic, we use both accelerator and brake in succession. We give in energy when we accelerate, and we takeout energy when we break. So, if we just couple these two using a spring, there will be just conversion of energy from potential to kinetic. We just use one pad which when we press it stores energy and when we release accelerates. To brake, we couple tyre to spring which stores energy. To accelerate we couple spring to tyre in opposite direction to give energy.

Name: Phani Vadrevu



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3. ) ‘Pay as you go’ for road users has some merit and needs to be explored. As drivers we have grown accustomed to being able to use roads freely at any time. But we ration most scarce things by price – so why not road use at busy times?

Here are some of my ideas for improving transport and reducing congestion

1. More roads – yes – more roads with better layouts, more tunnels and more flyovers.
2. Better, cheaper, faster public transport.
3. Road usage pricing at peak times to reduce congestion
4. Higher speed limits on freeways, motorways and some other roads (faster speeds = shorter journeys = less congestion).
5. Higher speed limits at quieter times of day – e.g. before 7 am to encourage people to drive in to work early.
6. The separation of pedestrians and cyclists from motor lanes where possible to reduce accidents and to allow higher speeds.
7. More incentives for home working and home deliveries of shopping – including safe receipt while you are out.
8. A campaign to get children going to school on foot, bicycle or bus.
9. Computer controlled cars that break automatically if the traffic ahead slows or stops.
10. Free internet access on all public transport as an incentive to commuters.
11. Corporate sponsorship of public transport – Google buses or Apple trains?

We need lots of suggestions, debate and trials. Not just gut reactions, objections and petitions. Everybody wants to be able to drive anywhere anytime but congestion is killing our economy. Let’s encourage more ideas and experimentation.


4. ) Roller coaster:  My vision is an overhead roller coaster (in a civilized transportable form) above the road.The individuals can travel in less time,hazard free,cheaply.Like the road “coaster tram” will be two way.Pillars will be arranged in the center of the road in a T form and the coaster will be suspended for a two way transportation.stations will be constructed in the important parts of the city which(station)will also serve as the multistory parking for cars and bike

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5.) There can be a card swiping system in public transport. In this every person will have a personal card number like DL number,now in place of ticket his/her fare will be cut by swiping the card through a machine fitted in every public transport.This can be further improved like for Eg.-Govt. can make plan like for every 500km travel in 5 days person will get 50 km travel free.This will reduce travelling by personal vehicle and increase use of public transport hence it will reduce traffic.

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