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Here are the shortlisted entries from Mumbai. Choose your favorite and help them win.

1. One way of reducing traffic on our roads is to construct separate lanes for two wheelers and public transport services. This will help private vehicle owners and others to reach their destinations faster, which would definitely reduce congestion and traffic to a considerable level. This would also reduce pollution due to halting of vehicles at traffic signals, which is the biggest factor contributing to pollution on Indian roads.

Name:Nistas R Sanga.

Phone No.:+919987842642

2. Have stricter rules for getting a driving license. Today anybody can get a license. This means no assurance of safety while driving, cause no matter how good a driver you are, you never know how others drive! Other thing is to have a separate lane for buses. This will help in easy flow of traffic. Proper maintenance of vehicles equals cleaner environment. Lay heavier fines for breaking traffic rules to prevent jams and accidents. Make lane driving and use of indicators compulsory.

Name:Deepesh Pancholi

Phone No.:+919769422257

3. FLYBY – It’s a flying bike, so now we can use this beautiful manifested sky for our transit. Will only use methane derivatives & high speed air to generate thrust. Body will be of Al alloy with integrated solar panels, which will run all control equips. Can be parked attach to window. When in hi-speed, head rotor speed will increase, this inturn will increase speed of base rotor; it will lead to rise of flyby. So maintain isolation between slow & fast moving flyby’s in terms of altitude. TIME WILL NO LONGER BE MONEY.


Phone No.:+919821952087

4. Using less vehicles, increasing vehicle pooling, more use of public transport. Less use of private cars. Efficient traffic diversion, proper signal timings in peak hours & normal hours. Maintaining lane discipline, speed limits. Transport vehicles like containers,trailers,dumpers,cargo shipments should use roads during midnight till early morning. Construction works on road should also be done from midnight till early morning. Maintaining road conditions; Repair of damage as early as possible. Just do it.



Phone No.:+919220629575

5.  From the view of a designer, the best solution of this traffic is by designing a two seater micro car with min possible wheelbase & wheeltrack considering the optimum safety & comfort parameters & with optimum engine capacity targeting max fuel efficiency & min pollution, pricing it at min, so as to make it easy to buy as an extra car for daily or week day use. From govt point, it should be a tax free car & with no toll like two wheelers to support the cause of traffic.


Phone No.:+919821393304

6. A revolutionary single seater mono wheel vehicle that can transport and can be picked up from a shop and then used only for travelling and deposited at the nearest deposit station. These vehicles will be electrical motors and the station’s will be solar / wind powered and also provide surplus power to the grid.

Name: Rahul Swamy

Phone No.:+919920850601

7. A) Lane System: rickshaws,bikes and other similar sized vehicle strictly follow one lane, cars and similar pvt vehicles on other.

B)Parking system like one in Gangtok(Sikkim).They have multi-stored parking system.Build similar one for buses,rickshaws,bikes,taxis.

C)Strict enforcement of rules like lane discipline.

D)Beautification of roads by planting trees.Washing roads using recycled sewage water by tankers every week(early mornings).This happens in France.School students undertake it.

Name:Amit Prabhu

Phone No.:+919833983604