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Here are the shortlisted entries from New Delhi. Choose your favorite and help them win.

1.)        PROBLEM

  • The Biggest Issue I Find in NCR is that people do not follow and traffic rules and many times skip the red light. This is a chain reaction leading to chaos in many junctions .
  • The number of vehicles on the road are exploding  and people are impatient . This in turn reflects in traffic violation. Ultimately , this effectively increases the travel time because of traffic snarls.
  • No Adaptive traffic signals and inadequate man power to control
  • Pre-timed signals are in efficient.


  • A mix of technology with limited costs
  • Effective in terms traffic regulation
  • Self adaptive in nature. No un-necessary wait time and clear directions
  • Involves less man power
  • Easy to implement
  • Energy efficiency


  • The idea is to have a traffic setup where
  1. Roads in each direction ( on all sides ) will have two traffic signals and corresponding speed breakers ( one at the  junction called main-signal ) and other at a prescribed distance from the junction (called pre-signal).
  2. The Speed Arresters at the junctions (main-signal) are heavy duty spring loaded and small and is in the shape of triangle so that no vehicle can stand over it. The other speed arresters (pre-signal) may/may not be spring loaded as per requirement.
  3. When vehicles move over these speed arresters they will go up and down which will be sensed by a sensor and converted to electrical signal, which can charge a battery which in turn used for operating the traffic signals. A green approach and energy efficient
  4. On each  direction , when the junction signal ( main-signal) is RED , the pre-signal will be GREEN allowing vehicles to occupy the stretch between main-signal and pre-signal.
  5. When junction signal is GREEN, the pre-signal becomes RED allowing the vehicles to empty the stretch between pre-signal and main-signal. This arrangement becomes an automatic self regulation with no risks.
  6. Moreover this system is made Adaptive, (i.e. the junction signal remains GREEN when vehicles are present in the stretch between pre-signal and main-signal, & only after all the vehicles in this stretch have crossed the junction-signal becomes RED). The sensor in the junction speed arrestor senses the movement of vehicle over it and if its idle for more than 5 secs, then the signal is turned RED. The sensor sees that signal remain GREEN as long as it identifies motion over it.
  7. This way for all the vehicles in the stretch between pre-signal and main-signal can be assured that they cross the junction without hurrying which otherwise can cause accidents and confusions.


Phone +919818276732


2.  Contest Matter:My idea is a simple but effective one involving very little construction even on a large scale. All right turns should be stopped and a vehicle should be allowed to only take a left turn or go straight. A vehicle which has to travel right must go straight and take a U-turn about 250 meters after the traffic lights – come back to the lights and then take a left. The U turn must be a broad semi-circled U turn so that there is continuous movement of traffic and no impinging of lanes occur.

Name:Madhav Vohra

Phone No.:+919910763600

3. A) Give tax sops to people who own environmentally friendly cars and monetary incentives to people who DONT own cars.

B) Phase out cars that are old and outdated in terms of emissions and remove 104% import duty on cars that are environmentally friendly

C) Recycle junk cars, they are made of mostly aluminium and steel which can be recycled,instead of smelting and mining more and more metals.

D) Encourage public transportation with emphasis on efficiency,passenger comfort and convience

Name:Raghuvir Raghav Das

Phone No.:+919716770552

4. ) Contest Matter:Reduce traffic through congestion charging schemes,Carpooling etc. Cities around the world such as Singapore and London have introduced congestion charging schemes to reduce traffic. For instance, in London, drivers are charged a fee for entering the Central London. zone. The idea was to ensure that those using the road infrastructure made a financial contribution towards it,discourage vehicle owners from making unnecessary journeys and encourage the use of public transport systems.

Name:Hitesh Dubey


Phone No.:+919911258489

5.) A) More fly-overs, for signal free traffic.

B) Increased monitoring of traffic through CCTV’s that can help the authorities trace snarls and problems areas and tackle them accordingly, thus saving time.

C) Dedicated lanes for 2-wheelers, cars and public transports. Taxis to replace 3-wheelers.

D) More eco-friendly hi-capacity buses.

E) Stricter penalty for traffic violators.

Name: James Wai


Phone No:+919899302492

6.) A.) Give road users tax breaks or incentive to move to public transport, motorcycles and bicycles which help in reducing reduces the load of private vehicles on road but also the intake fuel volume.

B.) Introduce high-occupancy lanes transit which no vehicle with less than 50% of it’s seats occupied is allowed to use, fine transgressors and use the revenue to improve public transport.

C.) Strictly allow motorcycles and bicycles to use designed lanes for them.

D.) Introduce car-sharing @ national level.

Name: Ankit Dehar


Phone No: +919953035055

7.) The First thing that the Govt. has to do is to classify the week days as follows Sunday,Monday,Wednesday,Friday – ODD, & Tuesday,Thursday, Saturday – EVEN. According to this, the private vehicles with registration number ending with ODD Digits (e.g. DL5C 1113) would be allowed only on Sunday,Monday,Wednesday,Friday. And the vehicles with registration number ending with EVEN (e.g.DL5C 1112) wil be allowed only on Tuesdays,Thursdays & Saturdays. So, people will start using public vehicles more.



Phone No:+919899325399

8.) A car share system is proposed for Delhi that functions as follows: The carshare organaization identifies car owners who use their cars sparingly in every locality and leases car+parking A simple kit having smart card reader, GPS nav and wi-fi is installed Members allowed to rent car @ per min Owners get fixed monthly rental+% of usage fee Organaisation provides fuel and services bought @ bulk rate Unlike conventional carshare here no new cars are added while capital required is minimised.

Name:Rajib Kalita

Phone No.:9726959964